Appointment Instructions – What You Need to Know

For EICR’s/Landlord Certificates/Homebuyers Electrical Reports

On the day

  1. Please be at the property to meet the inspector, or arrange for someone to be there on your behalf, or provide access instructions in advance.
  2. The visit usually lasts 1-2 hours. Although it could be longer for larger properties.
  3. Please ensure our inspector has access to your fuse box/consumer unit and all other areas of the property.
  4. Be aware that our inspector will need to switch off the power during the visit.

After the day

We will send your certification by email within 6 days of your appointment. We will try and accommodate any priority requests.

If you require a same day service for your certification this can be ordered for an additional charge of £25+VAT.

About the EICR


  • The EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report) has two outcomes, Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory. This outcome is recorded on Page 1 of your EICR and is dictated by what type of defect codes our inspector has observed.

The defect codes are shown on Page 2 of your EICR and are broken down as follows:

C1- Immediate Danger

C2- Potential Danger

C3- Improvement Recommended

FI- Further Investigation Required

Observation – A note

Any number of C1s/C2s/FIs will cause the certificate to be Unsatisfactory.

C3s and Observations do not affect the outcome of the certificate.

 Remedial Works

Along with the EICR that we will email to you we attach a quotation for any remedial works that are either required or recommended.

The quotation will be itemised against the defect codes on the EICR.

You can decide whether you just want to repair the C2s/FIs and not have the C3 improvements carried out. Or you can opt to have all C2s and some or all of the C3s/Observations which is recommended.

Alternatively you can opt not to use us for the remedial works and to use another approved electrical contractor. In this case to ensure you are compliant you must obtain formal certification from the other contractor that they have rectified the defects from our EICR.

After we have completed the remedial work we will issue you with a new Satisfactory EICR free of charge and also a separate certificate for the remedial works we have carried out.

Your Obligations

The official guidance for rental properties is that new tenants must not move in to a property that has C1 defects and that C1 defects should be rectified immediately in any case.

If the EICR is Unsatisfactory then the required remedial work must be completed within 28 days of the date of the report to make the EICR Satisfactory.

You must keep and file the certificates that we provide you with as the council can formally request these from you as evidence that you are complying with the rules.

C1 Defects

If we find any C1 defects during the inspection we are obliged to remedy these either fully or to a C2 status during the EICR visit. The cost of this repair is not included in the EICR charge. In the event that we find a C1 defect we will contact you from site and provide you with the charge for the repair. If you do not agree the charge then we are obliged to issue you with an Electrical Danger Notice and you should have the rectification carried out immediately by an approved electrical contractor.

Smoke Detectors

Our inspector will check whether you have any smoke detectors in the property and record this as an observation on the EICR.


Electrical inspections and repairs are essential mandatory services which continued through the last lockdown so we do not expect this to change, although if the guidance does change we will let you know and act accordingly.

Our engineers are fully Covid-19 compliant and will be wearing PPE during the visit.

If you are present at the property during the appointment please stay at least 2 metres apart from the engineer. Alternatively and if you prefer, you are welcome to leave the property or wait outside while the visit is carried out.

If you experience symptoms of Covid-19 or if you are self-isolating please let us know before the appointment. We will reschedule your appointment or accept alternative access details if you are not at the property and you can arrange for another person to give access. We can also collect keys for the property and in most cases this carries a surcharge.

If you have any special requests please let us know in advance so we can accommodate you.


You may either book and pay through our online booking system or contact us and we will manually take your booking and send you an invoice to pay.

If we send you an invoice you will receive this via email which has a payment link with it so you can easily pay by debit/credit card. You should pay the invoice immediately so we can acquire any parts in good time and to firm up your booking, otherwise your appointment slot could be cancelled and given to another client.


If you need to rearrange or cancel your appointment we require that you give us at least 72 hours’ notice in which case there is no rescheduling or cancellation charge.

  1. If you rearrange or cancel and give us 24-72 hours’ notice then we charge a £50+VAT fee.
  2. If you rearrange or cancel and give us less than 24 hours’ notice or we cannot gain access to the property when we arrive then we charge an £80+VAT fee for EICR appointments/remedial works or a £150+VAT fee for consumer unit replacements.