EICR certificates in London

Are you looking for an EICR certificate in London? Well, we are EICR specialists and offer our service across London, so look no further. Our EICRs are available to all types of clients ranging from landlords to homeowners and business owners.

What different types of EICRs are available?

We provide electrical testing services on all types of properties, including commercial EICRs and domestic EICRs, to help ensure electrical safety standards are met by issuing our EICR report which is an assessment of the electrical condition.

The importance of an electrical safety certificate shouldn’t be overlooked, so read on to discover more about EICR certificates in London.

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    Sarah Boyes
    Sarah Boyes
    15. July, 2022.
    Very quick service through the website, the electrician came to inspect our flat the very same day - and I especially like the phone-call to let us know what time he would arrive. Service was professional and he explained everything to us before he left. There was a slight snag with the next-day certificate but this was cleared up for the following day by the friendly man on the phone. Would recommend.
    sergiu-mihai bob
    sergiu-mihai bob
    14. July, 2022.
    Great customer service! The engineer was very helpful and they did all works as scheduled. Highly recommended! Sergiu | SMOKESTAK
    Daidi Droch
    Daidi Droch
    14. July, 2022.
    Hexo carried out an EICR on my house and were very professional and reasonably priced. As a result i commissioned them to carry out the identified remedial work and again i was very please by the quality of service. Big thanks to the back office for arranging everything.
    Zein Jaber
    Zein Jaber
    11. July, 2022.
    Great service! Very efficient and professional.
    George Hudson
    George Hudson
    10. July, 2022.
    Great service for an EICR - Hexo were able to schedule us in quickly and at a very reasonable price relative to other quotes we'd had. On the day, the engineer was professional, courteous and explained thoroughly the results of the report, which we received promptly by email. Would recommend to anyone needing electrical testing.
    Matthew Cooke
    Matthew Cooke
    10. July, 2022.
    Hexo Electrical recently completed an EICR and carried out some remedial works in my rented flat. The testing was thorough, they were honest about what work was required and what was recommended, but not essential. Hexo Electrical carried out the testing and completed the upgrades quickly and at a very competitive price and I was very pleased with the service provided. I’m sure I will use them again.
    David Bramall
    David Bramall
    9. July, 2022.
    A great experience right from the start. I needed an urgent EICR as we were selling our house and we didn’t have the required paperwork. Very polite staff and a speedy plus reasonably priced service. I would definitely use them again. Thank you.
    Matthew Hill
    Matthew Hill
    9. July, 2022.
    Really impressed by Hexo. They provided surveys both for the house we are selling and the one we are buying. They were prompt, reliable and took the time to explain things clearly and fully. They've since carried out work on our property - the engineer was excellent, worked incredibly hard to get it done on schedule, and took a lot of care to avoid making mess or damaging the decoration. Excellent communication throughout. Very highly recommended.
    Monk Man
    Monk Man
    9. July, 2022.
    Great service, good communication and explanations of works to be carried out

    What is an EICR certificate?

    So, what does EICR stand for and why is having one important? EICR stands for Electrical Installation Condition Report, and it provides a formal assessment of the condition of the fixed electrical installation within a building.

    A fixed electrical installation does deteriorate over the years so it’s important to maintain it to a safe standard by repairing wear and tear regularly. Additionally, the national electrical regulations update over time to account for new safety practices and standards.

    Uses of an EICR certificate in London

    An electrical safety certificate (EICR) will identify any defects and regulatory non-compliances with the electrical installation, to enable the rectification of the installation to a safe standard.

    Keeping electrical installations in a safe condition is an essential part of building maintenance as it helps to keep your property, staff, or tenants safe.

    What does an EICR certificate look like?

    An EICR in London is usually issued as an electronic document in PDF format, and must consist of a specific selection of information to be valid. The EICR consists of at least 7 pages but can range up to hundreds of pages in length.

    Commercial EICRs usually have more pages than Domestic EICRs, as additional pages are needed to show the circuit details and circuit test results for the higher number of circuits that commercial properties have.

    What does an EICR certificate consist of?

    Here is the breakdown of what each page should cover in a typical EICR certificate:

    Page 1 – Client details, reason for the report, installation details, extent and limitations, summary of the installation (Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory), recommendation for next inspection date.

    Page 2 – Schedule of defects.

    Page 3 – General condition of the installation, testing company details and registration, test instruments record, supply characteristics and earthing arrangements, installation particulars (earthing and bonding, supply cables, and protective devices).

    Pages 4-6 – Inspection schedule

    Page 7 – Circuit details and test results

    Page 8 – Circuit details and test results continued for as many pages as necessary depending on the size of the installation

    What is the purpose of an electrical certificate in London?

    The purpose of an electrical certificate London (EICR) is to demonstrate that a fixed electrical installation is safe to use. If you’re a private landlord, or you run a business, then it’s a legal requirement that you ensure your property has a Satisfactory EICR in place, so that you can prove the fixed electrical installation is safe. 

    Why choose Hexo Electrical Testing for your EICR in London?

    At Hexo Electrical Testing, we provide electrical certificates to cafés and schools, warehouses, apartments, and office blocks, as well as many other types of commercial and domestic property.

    Our EICR London service helps to ensure safety for the users of the property and compliance for its owners.

    Why my property needs an EICR

    It is a legal requirement for businesses and landlords to carry out an EICR inspection on their properties, to ensure that the building’s electrics are safe to use.

    If carried out at routine intervals, an EICR test and inspection can be extremely advantageous in a variety of ways. 

    Ensures safety of tenants and staff

    For many buildings, an electrical test certificate is a legal requirement. This is because an EICR test can ensure the safety of tenants, staff and visitors to the building.

    Once a building has passed an EICR inspection, this guarantees that the electrics are safe to use, therefore reducing the risk of electrical hazards and electric shock. 

    Compliance with existing regulations

    It is essential to comply with all regulations when it comes to getting an electrical certificate in London.

    Passing an EICR also demonstrates that the landlord or business owner is compliant with the following regulations in regard to their fixed electrical installations:

    • The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974
    • The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989
    • The Electrical Safety Standards in the Private Rented Sector (England) Regulations 2020.

    Legal Immunity

    If there were to be an electrical fire or incident within your property, an up-to-date EICR indicates that you took the appropriate measures to ensure the property’s electrical installations were safe.

    Even in the unfortunate event of an electrical incident, an up-to-date EICR is the best way to prove that you did not shirk your responsibility as a landlord or business owner. 

    Insurance coverage

    If there is an electrical fault and you do have an up-to-date EICR, it will be easier to be acquitted and make an insurance claim.

    Many insurance providers will require that your electrical systems are tested regularly. 

    If you need to claim damages after an electrical fire or incident, the best way to ensure that you’ll be properly compensated is to ensure that your electrical systems are routinely inspected – this often means a regular EICR test.

    Energy efficiency

    Surprisingly, an EICR can also help you save energy and help your property become more eco-friendly. 

    If your property undergoes an EICR check, then potential improvements and weaknesses will be flagged up, which will allow you to make more energy efficient improvements in the future. 

    More cost-effective

    If you choose to follow the EICR guidance and reduce your property’s carbon footprint, you will also reduce energy consumption. 

    This will be reflected in your energy bill prices.

    An EICR report in London will also flag up any potential problems your wiring may have, ensuring that you can get electrical problems fixed quickly – saving you lots of money in the long run.

    What happens when my electrical system is not tested? 

    If you are a business owner or a landlord, then you are legally responsible for the safety of your staff, your customers and your tenants. 

    If your electrical wiring has not been tested and you do not have an up-to-date electrical test certificate, you run the risk of being charged with negligence in the event of a fault or an incident.

    What happens if I haven’t got an up-to-date EICR?

    If you claim that you didn’t know about the state of your electrical systems, this will not get you acquitted. If found guilty of not complying with safety standards, you could be fined up to £30,000.

    If there is an electrical fault and you do have an up-to-date EICR, it will be easier to gain compensation.

    Unfortunately, if there is an electrical fault and you haven’t had your electrical systems checked, it will be much harder to receive compensation and you may be looking at paying legal fines and fees too.

    Distribution Board

    What type of London electrical certificate do I need?

    There are three types of fixed electrical certificates that we offer in London. These are:

    Depending upon the type of client you are, you may have slightly different reasons for obtaining a London Electrical certificate, such as:

    Homeowners’ electrical certificates

    When making a significant investment in purchasing a property it’s important you are aware of all the facts. Whether you are a first-time buyer or buying a second home it’s a sensible approach to check the condition of the electrics.

    A rewiring job could be very expensive if needed and armed with information about the state of the electrical condition you can negotiate with the seller.

    As a property purchaser you need either our Domestic EICR service or our enhanced Homebuyers Electrical Report depending on your approach. We are also happy to work on behalf of the vendor.

    Owner occupied home electrical certificates

    Occupying your own home can be very rewarding but it does come with greater responsibilities around ensuring it’s a safe place to live. Electrical safety is paramount for reducing the risk of fire and electrical shock in the home and it gives important peace of mind that everything is working ok.

    Engaging a specialist electrical testing company to carry out a regular 5-year electrical inspection will mean you’re far less likely to experience electrical faults or dangerous events.

    Our Domestic EICR service is ideal for owner occupied properties.

    Landlords’ electrical certificates

    It is a legal requirement for landlords in London and across England to obtain a Satisfactory EICR every 5 years for each of their rental properties.

    Without one, the landlord can be prosecuted and fined up to £30,000. A Satisfactory landlord EICR electrical certificate will prove that the fixed electrical installation in the rental property is compliant.

    Our Domestic EICR service is perfect for landlords in London. We can complete remedial work quickly and efficiently, and always within the 28-day time limit of the government regulations.

    Electrical certificates for housing associations and councils

    It’s a legal requirement for housing associations and councils to ensure their properties are safe and compliant with London safety standards. An independent social housing EICR will provide an assessment of the electrical condition in the property and highlight any remedial works that may be needed.

    Our Domestic EICR service is well suited to the needs of housing associations and local authorities.

    Electric Board

    Electrical certificates for builders and developers

    We work with builders and developers, as well as architects and electrical engineers. We recommend that you commission an EICR test to make sure your electrical installation is safe and compliant with BS 7671.

    Alternatively, you may wish to know the safety or compliance level of an electrical installation at the project planning stage to help you decide which route to take.  

    You may need either our Domestic EICR or Commercial EICR service as a builder or developer, depending on the development type.

    If you’re working on a large-scale project, speak to our sales team to negotiate a special rate on your EICR certificate in London.

    To find out more about hiring us to be your Electrical Testing Provider get in touch with us by emailing info@hexoelectricaltesting.co.uk, or calling 0207 315 4151. You can also make a booking here.

    Commercial EICR certificates in London

    Commercial EICR certificates in London are essential for business owners. It is a legal requirement to comply with the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989, and regular EICR inspection is part of achieving this legal compliance.

    Most insurance companies require a Satisfactory EICR as a condition of providing building insurance or paying out in the event of a claim.

    It’s important to make sure that the fixed electrical installation in your premises is safe and operating properly – not only to keep your staff safe, but to reduce business downtime should a fault occur.

    Our Commercial EICR service is the requirement for business owners and managers

    Electric Test

    What is involved in an EICR in London?

    The EICR inspection will be undertaken by one of our qualified electrical inspectors and will cover everything from distribution boards, light fittings, wiring systems, cables, and sockets and switches.

    The electrical circuits will undergo a range of visual inspections and electrical tests to enable the inspector to determine the condition of the installation. We will inspect and test the electrical installation in accordance with BS7671, the national standard for electrical installations.

    Once the EICR inspector has completed the inspection, the EICR report will be compiled, quality checked, and submitted to the client. We also send a quotation for any required remedial works at the same time as our EICR submission.

    EICR certificate London observation codes

    During the EICR inspection, our inspector will identify any electrical defects and provide observation codes for each one. Any number of C1s, C2s, or FIs will make the certificate Unsatisfactory/Fail.

    The EICR defect codes range in severity, as follows:

    Code C1

    This is the most severe observation code, and it means that danger is present. There is an immediate threat to the integrity of the building and/or the safety of those inside, so immediate action is required.

    Code C2

    This observation code means there is a potentially dangerous defect with your installation and urgent remedial work is needed.

    Code C3

    This is a lower-level code and it’s defined as ‘Improvement Recommended’. This generally means a regulatory non-compliance has been identified, and that part of the installation would benefit from improvement.

    Code FI

    Finally, the FI code highlights that further investigation is required. This means that our inspector has found something that needs to be looked at in more depth.

    What happens after an EICR certificate in London?

    If any defects are present on your London EICR certificate, then we can carry out remedial electrical work to repair these as quickly and efficiently as possible.

    If there are no defects present and your EICR is Satisfactory, then you don’t need to do anything further. You may wish to instruct us to complete any C3s recommendations to make your installation fully compliant with the latest regulations.

    When can a London EICR be carried out?

    We can complete your EICR check and remedial works at a time that suits you and your business. This includes weekend and evening appointments, so that you can limit disruption and business downtime.

    What happens after the remedial work?

    Once the remedial works have been completed following the EICR test in London, we will issue certification for each repair and also a new Satisfactory EICR for the installation dated the date of the inspection. 

    All our remedial work comes with a 12-month guarantee on parts and labour.

    Is an electrical certificate a legal requirement?

    You might be wondering if an electrical certificate is a legal requirement. Well, as of June 2020, Government regulations made it mandatory for landlords within the private rented sector to ensure their electrical installations are tested every five years.

    Business owners must ensure their properties’ electrical installations are compliant with BS7671 to ensure compliance with the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989, and a Satisfactory EICR is the method for achieving this. In most cases business property insurance will also require a Satisfactory EICR.

    How much does an EICR cost?

    So, how much does an EICR cost? Well, for homeowners and landlords, Domestic EICR certificate prices are based on property size, whereas for business owners Commercial EICR prices depend on the number of circuits within the premises.

    At Hexo, we’re transparent about our EICR certificate London prices so you’ll never have an overrun on cost.

    Our Domestic EICRs start at £110+VAT and our Commercial EICRs start at £149+VAT. For more information about EICR certificate London prices, you can read this article about EICR costs.

    Electrical safety certificate London prices

    Visit our prices page for a full breakdown of EICR London costs, as well as PAT testing prices and fixed wire testing costs.

    If you’re unsure about electrical certificate costs, or have unique needs, you can contact us to obtain a bespoke quote.

    Type Weekday 8am-5pm Weekday Evening 5pm-10pm Weekend 8am-6pm
    Studio £110 £140 £140
    One bedroom property £120 £150 £150
    Two bedroom property £130 £160 £160
    Three bedroom property £140 £170 £170
    Four bedroom property £160 £190 £190
    Five bedroom property £180 £210 £210
    Six bedroom property £210 £240 £240

    *All prices are excluding VAT. These EICR report costs are for up to ten circuits in one property. Additional circuits, over ten, will be charged at £10.00 each plus VAT.

    Who can carry out an EICR in London?

    So, who can carry out an EICR in London? The answer is that EICR certificates must be completed by a qualified and approved electrical inspector.

    As EICR London specialists, all our inspectors are qualified, approved, and have over 10 years’ experience. We are registered with NAPIT as an approved company for conducting electrical inspections and EICRs so you are in safe hands with Hexo Electrical Testing.

    Why choose Hexo for your EICR testing?

    We offer domestic and commercial EICR certificates in London and the South East, working with landlords, homeowners, and businesses to ensure compliance.

    With our speedy remedial electrical work across London and fast certificate turnaround times, you can sit back and let us take care of your electrical installation.

    Electrical Installation Condition Reports in London

    As EICR London specialists, we can handle your Electrical Installation Condition Report in all parts of London regardless of the building type.

    If any defects with your electrical installation are found, then we can carry out remedial work in a timely manner at a time that suits you and your business, to minimise disruption.

    Ensured COVID-19 protocols

    Every service that we offer is performed with care and attention and in compliance with COVID-19 protocols. 

    All necessary precautions are taken and practised by our staff. So, if you’re looking for a Covid Safe EICR in London, look no further!

    Book an EICR London

    We offer an easy-to-use online booking system for Domestic EICRs and Homebuyers Electrical Reports in London. For Commercial EICRs please request a quote. You can check out our prices page for an overview of all our EICR prices in London and the South East.

    For questions about our EICR London services or enquiries about bespoke requirements and how to keep up to date with EICR London regulations, get in touch with us by emailing info@hexoelectricaltesting.co.uk, or calling 0207 315 4151.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    How long does an EICR take?

    An EICR test in London will typically last between 1-4 hours depending on the size of the property, the accessibility of the electrical systems and the amount of circuits in the property.

    What are the potential results of an EICR?

    After the electrical inspection is over, our electrical inspector will explain the result of the EICR test and we will send you the EICR certificate by email.

    It will not only detail whether your electrical system has passed the EICR, but it will also list any remedial work required and inform you on the current condition of your electrical wiring.

    An EICR will specify any deterioration, damages and defects which could be putting those who reside in your property at risk.

    What happens if my electrical system does not pass the EICR?

    If your electrical wiring does not pass the EICR, then remedial work must be carried out to resolve this issue as soon as possible.

    We will provide you with a detailed quote for any required remedial work.

    If your electrical system does not pass the EICR, then it will be given a code depending on how severe the damage is.

    • Code 1: The electrical systems present a danger to life and must be swiftly dealt with.
    • Code 2: The electrical systems are potentially dangerous, urgent remedial measures must be taken to ensure that the wiring systems are safe
    • Code 3: Improvement recommended. There is no immediate threat or danger but there is room for improvements.
    • FI: Further investigation is required.
    How quickly do I need to correct any electrical issue?

    As soon as your electrician has recommended these changes, you have 28 days to resolve any electrical issues.

    What happens after the EICR electrician has given written confirmation that remedial works need to be carried out?

    As soon as we have sent your EICR certificate then if you are a landlords in the private rental sector you have 28 days to resolve any electrical issues.

    The report should be available for your local authority as they may request a copy.

    How often does my property need to be inspected?

    Typically, an EICR should be carried out once every five years. However, in some situations, more frequent inspections may be required.

    This will depend on:

    • Age of installation: If the property’s electrical wiring is dated, more frequent EICR tests are required.
    • Property Type: If your property has a swimming pool, then EICR tests are required every one to three years.
    • Environmental Conditions: If the property has been damaged in either a fire or a flood, it is vital an EICR is carried out as soon as possible.
    • Misuse of the installation: If the electrical systems have been vandalised or tampered with, an immediate EICR is required.
    • Change in the usage of the property: If there is a change in tenancy or the property has been sold, more frequent EICR tests or visual inspections are required.
    What happens after I receive my EICR?

    An EICR is documented proof that your property’s electrical systems are safe and you have complied with the safety requirements.

    It also indicates that you have taken reasonable steps to ensure the safety of your staff and tenants.

    You must share a copy of the EICR with the following individuals:

    • All tenants in the residential property – Tenants must be given a copy of the EICR within 28 days of the report being carried out.
    • All new tenants in the residential property – New tenants must be issued a copy of the EICR before they move in.
    • The local housing authority – A copy must be provided to the local housing authority within seven days of the authority issuing a request for the document.
    • The electrical inspector carrying out the next EICR inspection – This is crucial because the report will give context on any changes to the installation since the last report.
    How will I know when my next EICR inspection is due?

    After the EICR test is carried out, we will then apply a label to the consumer unit, which will indicate the date of the next EICR inspection. The EICR report also shows the next inspection date.

    How do I ensure a smooth EICR inspection?

    There are some steps you can take to ensure that your EICR inspection runs smoothly.

    You should read up on regulations surrounding EICR tests and inspections – knowledge is power.

    Conduct a preliminary visual inspection yourself, and note down any visual problems. This will be helpful when the inspector comes to inspect your electrical systems.

    Be ready to take relevant remedial action after your visual inspection, we may need a further visit to carry out remedial work and make the installation safe.

    Make sure your tenants are informed in advance of any tests. They must be aware that their daily activities may be affected by interruption of power.

    To find out more about hiring us to be your Electrical Testing Provider get in touch with us by emailing info@hexoelectricaltesting.co.uk, or calling 0207 315 4151. You can also make a booking here.