Hexo Electrical Testing are the experts in fixed wire testing companies in London and the South East. Your home or business could not be in better hands. We offer a range of EICR services and will arrange any remedial works promptly and at very competitive prices.
We are happy to advise on your electrical compliance obligations and through our testing services can help to keep you, your tenants, employees and your property safe from electrical accidents.
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Up to 10 Circuits£169
Each Additional Circuit£10

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Hexo Electrical Testing is one of the UK’s leading fixed wire testing companies in London and the South East, so your home or business is in safe hands with us. We offer a range of EICR services and can arrange any remedial works in a timely manner.
ServicesPrices From
Up to 10 Circuits£169
Each Additional Circuit£10

Prices exclude VAT.



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    Léa Aurore Sednaoui
    Léa Aurore Sednaoui
    It's always perplexing to find services online and pick the right one, regardless of reviews. I can vouch for Hexo, who was professional and timely from the day of my first enquiry, very patient and helpful working around my difficult schedule. They had a long and difficult task to do with a 3 phase board, managed to have all the spare parts with them, and their team executed in a timely way, with patience and kindness. I definitely recommend them!
    Tim Clifford
    Tim Clifford
    Very efficient and responsive team. Pleased to have chosen Hexo to do our testing and remedial electrical work in our flat.
    Dermott Davison
    Dermott Davison
    Great professional, efficient service. The engineer was very knowledgeable and explained what he was doing and why. The administration too was first rate. Very happy to recommend HEXO and use them again.
    Matthew Newlands
    Matthew Newlands
    Very fast response to my request for an EICR, and very good quality workmanship in carrying out necessary remedial works.
    Nicholas Lovatt
    Nicholas Lovatt
    Thank you for a great service. We had a list of jobsAll the jobs listed completed speedily and to spec.Will be going back to get the lights fitted with themHighly recommended. Without hesitationFriendly professional service, wasn't over bearing or adding on bits
    BURAK Apaydin
    BURAK Apaydin
    Hexo was very good and efficient . I needed EICR for one of my properties. Hexo was able to rectify all required works and complete in timely manor at competitive rate . Work completed to high standard and satisfactory certificate provided upon completion of works. I can highly recommend them for all electrical works. Max was particularly helpful and communicative.
    adrian wells
    adrian wells
    I hired Hexo to complete a simple EICR job and quickly through their incredibly thorough engineer found I had some serious electrical floors around my property. The engineer was superb, explained all the work clearly and was very efficient. I also found the booking process / administration highly efficient and informative when I had questions. A very impressive experience and job well done

    What is fixed wire testing?

    Fixed wire testing is the term used for the examination of fixed electrical installations.

    Fixed wire testing has many names, including hard wire testing and periodic electrical inspections.

    The general term for all of these reports is EICR, which stands for Electrical Installation Condition Report. During a Fixed Wire Test we inspect and check the fixed electrical system within a building.

    Why is fixed wire testing so important?

    Faulty electrics are one of the leading causes of fires within both commercial and residential buildings.

    For this reason, it’s vitally important to maintain your electrical systems and ensure that regular Fixed Wire Tests are carried out.

    What is involved in fixed electrical testing?

    Fixed wire testing is a process where each of the electrical installations in a building are checked to ensure that they pass regulations and that they are safe to use.

    The electrical installations that will be tested during the fixed wire test include power sockets, lights, distribution boards, main panels, air conditioning and more.

    Fixed electrical testing does not include testing electrical appliances that are plugged in.

    What will fixed electrical testing find?

    Fixed electrical testing will uncover any issues and remedial works that need to be carried out. We will take a look at the following areas:

    • Mains panels
    • Distribution boards
    • Lighting circuits
    • Wiring in walls, ceilings and floors
    • Sockets and outlets
    • Any fixed wiring not mentioned above

    Is fixed wire testing a legal requirement?

    There are certain legal obligations around fixed wire testing London and the UK that depend on the type of property you own or lease.

    For example, landlords must follow strict new government guidelines to ensure the safety of their tenants. Business owners have other duties when it comes to fixed electrical testing.

    However, regardless of your situation, electrical services should never be overlooked. We provide hard wire testing and commercial fixed wire testing in London and across the South East.

    What properties can have fixed wire testing?

    We work with all types of properties, from offices to warehouses, pharmacies, fitness centres and hotels.

    We also work with landlords, so if you rent out accommodation, you will need to arrange a Fixed Wiring Test and a number of other landlord certificates.

    How is hard wire testing carried out?

    If you hire Hexo Electrical Testing, your hard wire testing will only ever be conducted by a fully trained and qualified engineer.

    One of our technicians will visit your property, at a time that suits you and your business or tenants, to carry out an electrical wiring inspection. We always aim to cause minimum disruption with the work we carry out. 

    The test will involve the following:

    • Visual inspections
      Visual inspections are carried out in conjunction with past tests and any relevant reports. We will take a look at the labelling of the circuits in situ and if needed we will trace your circuits back, to ascertain their exact location.
    • Fixed wire testing
      After the visual checks have been carried out, we will move onto a physical examination of the circuits. This will be conducted using specialist tools and electronic meters. During the test, all circuits will need to be disconnected briefly.EICR Price Sticker Blue

    Hard wire testing results

    Your hard wire testing results will depend on the age and state of your property. However, during the test we will alert you to any existing issues, as well as anything that could become a problem in the future.

    We will also suggest a plan for any necessary electrical remedial works after the fixed wiring inspection.

    What happens after the hard wire test?

    After the full hard wire test has taken place, we will draft an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR), which you will need to keep a record of for future inspections.

    The EICR will detail the status of the systems in your property and what works need to be carried out in order to render the system compliant.

    How often should fixed wire testing be carried out?

    So, how often should fixed wire testing be carried out? Well, when it comes to fixed wire testing frequency, the simple answer is: at regular intervals. The laws surrounding fixed wire testing must be followed.

    For example, 5 year electrical testing fixed wire tests have now become mandatory for housing associations and landlords in the private rental sector.

    When did these fixed wire testing regulations come into action?

    These 5 year electrical testing fixed wire test regulations came into force on 1st June 2020 and make it mandatory for landlords to have their electrical installations tested every five years.

    For older buildings, more frequent fixed wiring inspections are advised.

    More information on fixed wire testing frequency

    If you’re still unsure about fixed wire testing frequency then get in touch. We can advise you on all areas of electrical testing and compliance, and provide you with a bespoke inspection plan.

    Testing Wiring in London

    Remedial works for fixed wire testing in London

    At Hexo, we offer remedial works for commercial fixed wire testing in London. So should any problems be found during our visit, we will outline a defect repair plan, to get your business compliant again soon after the fixed wiring inspection.

    What happens after repair works have been completed?

    After the repair works have been carried out, we will test your entire system again. This will ensure the maintenance has been completed successfully. Typical remedial works for fixed wire testing in London might include:

    • Replacement of circuits or distribution boards
    • Circuit repairs
    • Light fitting replacements
    • Socket and switch replacements
    • Damaged cable repairs
    • RCD installations
    • Earthing and bonding upgrades or installations
    • Circuit breakers and RCBOs
    • Protection around enclosures
    • Loose and damaged accessories

    What documents will I receive after the work is completed?

    Once your system has been brought back up to standard, we will issue you with an Electrical Installation Certificate (EIC), which is also known as a Minor Works Certificate (MW), along with a satisfactory Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR).

    These documents are proof that your system is compliant with current UK standards and all fixed wire testing regulations.

    Other electrical testing services in London

    At Hexo Electrical Testing, we offer a range of other electrical testing services in London and the South East. We can create a bespoke, client-led plan to suit your needs. Our services, surveys and schematics might include:

    • Labelling and identification of circuit accessories (switches, sockets, isolators etc.)
    • Heat surveys
    • Identification and labelling of distribution boards
    • Distribution layout schematic
    • Labelling and identification of sub-main and main cables
    • Earthing layout schematic

    To help limit disruption to your staff, customers or tenants, we can complete your inspection at a time that suits you. This includes weekend and evening appointments. Contact us now to find out more about how we can help you.

    Specialists in fixed wire testing in London

    Specialists in fixed wire testing in London

    We are specialists in fixed wire testing in London and across the UK. We offer a range of EICR services and can arrange any remedial works in a timely manner. We have:

    • Experienced electrical engineers
    • Full public liability insurance protections, DBS checks and Health and Safety compliance
    • Complete electrical compliance
    • Fast electronic certification turn-around times
    • Fixed prices and large project discounts

    At Hexo, we’re a one-stop-shop offering all electrical services and even out-of-hours appointments. We use cutting-edge equipment, too, so you can rest assured that any fixed electrical testing will be carried out to the highest possible standards.

    How much does London fixed wire testing cost?

    So, how much does fixed wire testing cost? We are transparent about our Fixed Wire Electrical Testing and EICR costs, which are based on the size of the property and the number of circuits within it.

    Visit our prices page for a full breakdown of fixed wire test costs. For larger projects, or bespoke fixed wiring test requirements, contact us for a bespoke quotation.

    How can we show compliance?

    After a fixed wire test has been carried out, you will receive an EICR (Electrical Inspection Condition Report).

    A satisfactory EICR indicates that you have fulfilled your commercial fixed wire testing obligations and so in this regard are compliant with the Health and Safety at work act 1984 and the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989.

    How do we record the results of a fixed wire test?

    The results of the fixed electrical testing must be recorded on the EICR and handed to whomever ordered the inspection (usually the duty holder).

    The report will include test results, extent of the work, limitations, details of defects, dangerous conditions, and scheduled inspections.

    How we support you

    As one of the leading fixed wire testing companies in London and across the South East, we’re here to support you and make the process of fixed wire electrical testing as smooth as possible.

    We can advise on electrical testing and compliance, as well as provide you with a detailed plan for remedial works.

    Ensured COVID-19 protocols

    Every service that we offer, including fixed wiring testing, is performed with care and attention and in compliance with COVID-19 protocols. We do our best to make sure that we bring peace of mind and ease of operation to your business.

    All necessary precautions are taken and practised by our staff. Find out our fixed wire testing London prices here.

    Book fixed wire testing London

    To find out more about residential or commercial EICR and staying up to date with fixed wire testing regulations in the UK, as well as any of our other services, please get in touch with us by emailing, or calling 0207 315 4151.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    An EICR test in London will typically last between 1-4 hours depending on the size of the property, the accessibility of the electrical systems and the amount of circuits in the property.

    After the electrical inspection is over, our electrical inspector will explain the result of the EICR test and we will send you the EICR certificate by email.

    It will not only detail whether your electrical system has passed the EICR, but it will also list any remedial work required and inform you on the current condition of your electrical wiring.

    An EICR will specify any deterioration, damages and defects which could be putting those who reside in your property at risk.

    If your electrical wiring does not pass the EICR, then remedial work must be carried out to resolve this issue as soon as possible.

    We will provide you with a detailed quote for any required remedial work.

    If your electrical system does not pass the EICR, then it will be given a code depending on how severe the damage is.

    • Code 1: The electrical systems present a danger to life and must be swiftly dealt with.
    • Code 2: The electrical systems are potentially dangerous, urgent remedial measures must be taken to ensure that the wiring systems are safe
    • Code 3: Improvement recommended. There is no immediate threat or danger but there is room for improvements.
    • FI: Further investigation is required.

    As soon as your electrician has recommended these changes, you have 28 days to resolve any electrical issues.

    As soon as we have sent your EICR certificate then if you are a landlords in the private rental sector you have 28 days to resolve any electrical issues.

    The report should be available for your local authority as they may request a copy.

    Typically, an EICR should be carried out once every five years. However, in some situations, more frequent inspections may be required.

    This will depend on:

    • Age of installation: If the property’s electrical wiring is dated, more frequent EICR tests are required.
    • Property Type: If your property has a swimming pool, then EICR tests are required every one to three years.
    • Environmental Conditions: If the property has been damaged in either a fire or a flood, it is vital an EICR is carried out as soon as possible.
    • Misuse of the installation: If the electrical systems have been vandalised or tampered with, an immediate EICR is required.
    • Change in the usage of the property: If there is a change in tenancy or the property has been sold, more frequent EICR tests or visual inspections are required.

    An EICR is documented proof that your property’s electrical systems are safe and you have complied with the safety requirements.

    It also indicates that you have taken reasonable steps to ensure the safety of your staff and tenants.

    You must share a copy of the EICR with the following individuals:

    • All tenants in the residential property – Tenants must be given a copy of the EICR within 28 days of the report being carried out.
    • All new tenants in the residential property – New tenants must be issued a copy of the EICR before they move in.
    • The local housing authority – A copy must be provided to the local housing authority within seven days of the authority issuing a request for the document.
    • The electrical inspector carrying out the next EICR inspection – This is crucial because the report will give context on any changes to the installation since the last report.

    After the EICR test is carried out, we will then apply a label to the consumer unit, which will indicate the date of the next EICR inspection. The EICR report also shows the next inspection date.

    There are some steps you can take to ensure that your EICR inspection runs smoothly.

    You should read up on regulations surrounding EICR tests and inspections – knowledge is power.

    Conduct a preliminary visual inspection yourself, and note down any visual problems. This will be helpful when the inspector comes to inspect your electrical systems.

    Be ready to take relevant remedial action after your visual inspection, we may need a further visit to carry out remedial work and make the installation safe.

    Make sure your tenants are informed in advance of any tests. They must be aware that their daily activities may be affected by interruption of power.

    To find out more about hiring us to be your Electrical Testing Provider get in touch with us by emailing, or calling 0207 315 4151. You can also make a booking here.