LED Light Replacement

LED light replacement involves upgrading traditional incandescent or halogen light bulbs to more energy-efficient LED lighting. Our professional electricians handle the entire replacement process – from surveying your existing lighting fixtures to specifying suitable LED products all the way through to full installation.

At Hexo Electrical Testing, we offer LED light replacement services for residential homes as well as commercial offices across London, Greater London, and the South East of England. Upgrading to LEDs with our help allows property owners to save significantly on electricity costs while enjoying the specialised features of modern, energy-efficient LED bulbs.


LED Light Replacement

LED light replacement involves upgrading traditional incandescent or halogen light bulbs to more energy-efficient LED lighting. Our professional electricians handle the entire replacement process – from surveying your existing lighting fixtures to specifying suitable LED products all the way through to full installation.

At Hexo Electrical Testing, we offer LED light replacement services for residential homes as well as commercial offices across London, Greater London, and the South East of England. Upgrading to LEDs with our help allows property owners to save significantly on electricity costs while enjoying the specialised features of modern, energy-efficient LED bulbs.




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    Léa Aurore Sednaoui
    It's always perplexing to find services online and pick the right one, regardless of reviews. I can vouch for Hexo, who was professional and timely from the day of my first enquiry, very patient and helpful working around my difficult schedule. They had a long and difficult task to do with a 3 phase board, managed to have all the spare parts with them, and their team executed in a timely way, with patience and kindness. I definitely recommend them!
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    Tim Clifford
    Very efficient and responsive team. Pleased to have chosen Hexo to do our testing and remedial electrical work in our flat.
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    Dermott Davison
    Great professional, efficient service. The engineer was very knowledgeable and explained what he was doing and why. The administration too was first rate. Very happy to recommend HEXO and use them again.
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    Matthew Newlands
    Very fast response to my request for an EICR, and very good quality workmanship in carrying out necessary remedial works.
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    Nicholas Lovatt
    Thank you for a great service. We had a list of jobsAll the jobs listed completed speedily and to spec.Will be going back to get the lights fitted with themHighly recommended. Without hesitationFriendly professional service, wasn't over bearing or adding on bits
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    BURAK Apaydin
    Hexo was very good and efficient . I needed EICR for one of my properties. Hexo was able to rectify all required works and complete in timely manor at competitive rate . Work completed to high standard and satisfactory certificate provided upon completion of works. I can highly recommend them for all electrical works. Max was particularly helpful and communicative.
    adrian wells
    adrian wells
    I hired Hexo to complete a simple EICR job and quickly through their incredibly thorough engineer found I had some serious electrical floors around my property. The engineer was superb, explained all the work clearly and was very efficient. I also found the booking process / administration highly efficient and informative when I had questions. A very impressive experience and job well done

    Why LED Lights?

    LED, or light-emitting diode, bulbs offer numerous advantages over traditional incandescent and halogen lighting options. They last over 25 times longer, produce brighter light output per watt, and reduce lighting electricity usage by up to 90%. This exceptional energy efficiency translates into tangible savings on your monthly electricity bills.

    Beyond cost savings, LEDs provide instant illumination, operate well under cold temperatures, and contain no harmful chemicals. By upgrading your existing light fixtures to LED technology, you can look forward to reduced maintenance hassles in addition to lower energy consumption and expenses. The investment pays dividends through dramatically increased bulb lifespan alone — no more frequent replacements!

    We help take the guesswork out of choosing the right LED products for your unique lighting needs. Our specialists will advise you on the perfect lumen output, light colour, beam angle, dimming compatibility, and other specifications based on the spaces you want to upgrade. We only install certified, trusted LED lighting brands that we vet thoroughly prior to recommending.

    Let us conduct an assessment to determine which LEDs suit your residential or commercial property. We will verify which bulbs fit into your existing light fixtures or provide fixture modification options where necessary. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with our lighting experts!

    Our LED Light Fitting and Replacement Services

    Make our team of specialist electricians your one-stop shop for upgrades to energy-efficient LED lighting across London and surrounding areas. We offer complete consultations, LED product supply, light fixture modifications, circuit rewiring, and professional installation services under one roof.

    Residential LED Lighting Solutions

    From small flats to expansive mansions, we have supplied and fitted LED bulbs, panels, downlights, spotlights, ceiling lights, cabinet lighting, and various other lighting fixtures for hundreds of area homes. Our experts will conduct an onsite visit to survey your existing setup, understand your lighting preferences, and make personalised upgrade recommendations. Expect enhancements uniquely tailored to your residential spaces for both aesthetics and monthly energy savings.

    Commercial LED Lighting

    The right lighting can influence customer experience in retail stores, lift productivity in offices, or ensure worker safety in industrial warehouses. We have specifically designed solutions to help different commercial spaces benefit from the longevity, energy efficiency, brightness, and specialised lighting capabilities of new LED fixtures and bulbs. From single bulb replacements to complete warehouse lighting overhauls, your customised lighting plans match your exact operational needs.

    Seek advice from our qualified lighting specialists for your next LED upgrade. Call 0207 315 4151 or send an e-mail to info@hexoelectricaltesting.co.uk today to schedule your no-cost property assessment.

    What Does LED Light Replacement Entail?

    We make the process of upgrading your traditional lighting smooth, minimise disruption, and handle all required aspects in-house for your convenience:

    Initial On-Site Property Assessment

    The process starts by having one of our electricians visit your London property for an initial on-site survey. We evaluate the existing lighting fixtures suited for LED replacement, analyse your spaces to determine lighting requirements, and discuss your preferred ambience as well as any budget considerations. You also have the opportunity to get answers about LED product options from a lighting specialist during this free consultation.

    Tailored Upgrade Recommendations

    Next, we put together a written plan outlining the suggested LED replacement lights for each area, detailing the benefits you can expect, and providing a quote for the installation costs. There is absolutely no obligation to proceed if you decide upon seeing our recommendations that the lighting overhaul does not suit your needs.


    Once you approve the suggested lighting plan, we will coordinate the acquisition of the replacement LED bulbs or fixtures outlined. Our in-house electricians then schedule the upgrade installation at your convenience. We handle all permitting, wiring and circuit adjustments as needed, clean finalisation, and, of course, provide full local certification for the work. Expect minimal property disruption, as we complete most LED swap-outs within a few hours.

    Love achieving huge energy savings and lighting enhancements minus the hassle? Contact Hexo Electrical Testing today at 0207 315 4151 or e-mail us at info@hexoelectricaltesting.co.uk to get started with your obligation-free LED replacement consultation.

    How Much Do LED Light Fittings Cost?

    The cost of upgrading your existing light fixtures to LED technology depends on factors like the type of lighting, number of bulbs replaced, circuit rewiring needs, and more. We provide customised quotes after visiting your London property, surveying your spaces, and evaluating required upgrades.

    While focusing on goals like improving ambience or boosting brightness, most clients switch to eco-friendly LED lighting due to potential long-term cost savings. We only recommend solutions which provide exceptional value supported by proven return on your investment over years of use.

    Depending on electricity rates and usage levels at your property, you could recover the full upgrade cost in as little as 1-2 years through energy bill savings. And that is before accounting for vastly reduced maintenance expenses thanks to LED bulb lifespans reaching up to 50 times longer than traditional lighting. We help take the guesswork out of changeover costs by providing obligation-free upgrade quotes upfront.

    Ready to learn exactly how much enhancing your lighting with LEDs costs? Call our specialists at 0207 315 4151 or book your no-obligation site survey online to receive a personalised upgrade proposal today.

    Benefits of Choosing Hexo Electrical Testing

    • NICEIC Certified Electricians
    • Extensive Lighting Industry Experience
    • Dedicated Account Management
    • Preferred Brand Pricing & Inventory
    • 5-Star Client Reviews
    • 100% Certification Guarantee

    Who Can We Help?

    We have replaced traditional lighting fixtures with specialised LED technology across many London area and South East England residential and commercial properties, including:

    • Single-family homes of all sizes
    • High-rise flats and apartment complexes
    • Offices and co-working spaces
    • Medical, educational and government buildings
    • Hotels, spas and salons
    • Restaurants, cafes and nightlife venues
    • Retail stores and shopping centres
    • Warehouses and manufacturing facilities

    Trust us for your lighting upgrade regardless of property type or size. Our expertise spans small households to large commercial enterprises. Call today to schedule your LED consultation.

    Certification and Assurance

    Upgrade with a trusted, fully accredited LED lighting specialist by choosing Hexo Electrical Testing. Our credentials include:

    Ensuring skills, quality workmanship and code compliance – contact us today!

    Environmental Impact of LED Lighting

    Make a green choice by upgrading to energy-efficient LEDs. Our clients help the environment through:

    • Lower Carbon Emissions: LED lights use approximately 90% less power than traditional incandescent bulbs, significantly reducing dependency on carbon-intensive power plants for generation. Go green through every upgrade.
    • Responsible Recycling: We properly dispose of all old lighting waste so toxic products like mercury-containing fluorescent tubes and bulbs avoid harming local landfills, incinerators or the greater ecosystem.
    • Less E-Waste to Landfills: With longer lifespans, LED bulbs avoid frequent replacement and associated waste ending up in landfills. The longer product use cycles conserve resources. cycles conserve resources.

    Request your free estimate to reduce your lighting’s energy use and environmental footprint.

    Book LED Light Fitting Now

    Experience the benefits of custom LED lighting designed for your unique residential or commercial spaces – enhanced aesthetics, superior brightness, energy savings, reduced maintenance, safety and more. Hexo Electrical Testing makes upgrading easy through our specialised end-to-end services.

    Get started today by requesting your no-obligation LED light replacement quote online, sending an e-mail to info@hexoelectricaltesting.co.uk or calling 0207 315 4151. Our NICEIC-accredited lighting experts look forward to learning about your property and preferences to put together a tailored proposal suiting your specific lighting needs.

    We provide obligation-free site surveys, fixture modifications and full installation services – all through one trusted, local specialist provider working for over 5 years across London and South East of England.

    Go from outdated lighting to custom LED ambience and efficiency enhancements tailored specifically for your spaces. Contact Hexo Electrical Testing now to talk about your property assessment or request a lighting upgrade quote.

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Our electricians take precautions to protect your property and minimise intrusive work. We use dust sheets for furniture and flooring, avoid drilling by tapping into existing circuitry, and work room by room to contain the impact. Most retrofit jobs finish within a few hours

    LEDs last longer than incandescent options while using up to 90% less electricity. This saves significantly on replacement expenses and utility bills. LEDs also reach full brightness instantly, allow directional lighting control, and provide more attractive light colour options.

    Our lighting experts assess your existing fixtures, evaluate lighting needs for each room, and make personalised recommendations on LED products that provide the perfect brightness, colour temperature, beam angle and other specifications to meet your tastes.

    In many cases, halogen and incandescent bulbs can be directly replaced with modern LED equivalents. We assess light fixture compatibility and make LED recommendations accordingly. Retrofits may require minor socket adaptations.

    Our complete service handles halogen to LED light conversion by assessing your existing fixtures, specifying and sourcing optimal LED replacements, rewiring sockets if necessary, safely installing new products and recycling old bulbs.

    While extremely long-lasting, LED bulbs will eventually expire. Symptoms include flickering, intermittent operation, or fully turning off. We can quickly replace dead LED lighting components to restore full functionality.

    Not at all – the longer lifespans of LED products result in fewer replacements, and component costs are very affordable. Changing even a few expired LED bulbs at once still costs substantially less than replacing traditional lighting over time.

    A variety of issues like loose connections, incompatible dimmers, voltage fluctuations or component failures can cause flickering. Our technicians troubleshoot and identify the exact cause, then implement the necessary fixture repairs or replacements to stop LEDs from flickering.

    Book Your LED Light Replacement

    To find out more about hiring us to be your Electrical Testing Provider get in touch with us by emailing info@hexoelectricaltesting.co.uk, or calling 0207 315 4151. You can also make a booking here.