The importance of a House Electrical Test

There are many things to consider before buying a new home, and some home buyers might overlook the importance of a Home Buyer’s Electrical Report. But whether you’re buying or selling, Home Buyers Electrical Reports, or electrical installation condition reports (EICR), can bring peace of mind to negotiations.

House electrical tests in London and the UK are about avoiding a potentially costly leap of faith with electrical condition and safety. Having an electrical safety certificate when selling a house helps to ensure that your buyer will be happy with the state of the property.

Buying a house is a significant investment, so whether it be a home to live in, or an investment property, there are certain considerations that should be taken into account to ensure that the property is a sound purchase and you’re aware of all the facts.

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    Jennie Barham
    Jennie Barham
    5. January, 2022.
    Very helpful and easy to work with, we needed to make several repairs to improve our EICR report and they explained everything on the report and what they'd do, and scheduled in the work quickly. The electrician was friendly, professional and left the house in excellent condition.
    Natalie Hill
    Natalie Hill
    21. December, 2021.
    Really responsive and flexible to fit in a job that we needed doing at incredibly short notice (same day!) Proactive, communicative, professional and really helpful. Really clear and easy to understand pricing, and the online invoicing system was a total dream (which is definitely not always the case!) and allowed me to quickly pay invoices while I was running today and so meant I didn’t hold anything up. The whole service today was outstanding - thank you.
    Heather Heber Percy
    Heather Heber Percy
    19. December, 2021.
    Right from the beginning with the first phonecall to the completion of all work necessary for an electrical certificate, they were professional and courteous. It wasn't cheap but I paid for a quality service which seems to be a rarity in today's world. Well done Hexo
    Genghis Borkwood
    Genghis Borkwood
    28. July, 2021.
    Big shout at to Robert Gough at Hexa services he got me a great job. Got me a job for life.
    Katie Wimpenny
    Katie Wimpenny
    16. March, 2021.
    I had a fantastic experience with Hexo. They responded very quickly to my enquiry email and followed up with an email. They then had an engineer with me by the same afternoon. The two men I dealt with were so incredibly friendly, helpful, reassuring and informative. I intend to use them again in future. Highly recommend.
    Noel Wilson
    Noel Wilson
    12. March, 2021.
    inspected my property,,very happy with the engineer,very thorough,,thanyou
    Murat Nuriyev
    Murat Nuriyev
    10. March, 2021.
    Nice service. Very responsive and helpful staff. Will use them again.
    Swaran Dhaliwal
    Swaran Dhaliwal
    7. March, 2021.
    I enquired about the EIDR check and was given a fix price. They arranged appointment with my tenant and fixed the date They attended at the appointed date and completed the test. Job well done. I will definitely use then again as the price was reasonable too
    Kate Cordell
    Kate Cordell
    2. March, 2021.
    I needed an urgent EICR for my rental property and Hexo stepped in when I was let down by my usual supplier. They gave me a good quote, that they stuck to - no unexpected extras unlike some, turned up on time and stayed in touch. I needed some subsequent work done and again, great communication, a fair quote and the work was done on time and to a great standard. Would recommend and will use again.

    Types of electrical report suitable for a property purchase

    Standard domestic Electrical Installation Condition Report or EICR:

    This is a standard domestic Electrical Installation Condition Report, or EICR, which will highlight any faults /defects with the electrical installation and their severity. 

    We will also provide a quotation for any remedial work that is required or recommended, and our quotation can be used in negotiations.

    Prices for our EICRs in London and throughout the Southeast can be found here and it’s easy to book online.

    Home Buyers Electrical Report:

    A Home Buyers Electrical Report includes a standard Domestic Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR), as well as a more in-depth check of the sockets, switches, and other fittings in the property. It also includes a detailed written electrical inspector’s report on the condition of the electrical installation in the property.

    • Evaluation of the capacity for extension
    • Recommendations on smoke and heat detection
    • Summary of the findings on wiring condition 
    • Electrical supply for induction hob
    • Findings on sockets/fittings
    • Electrical Fire Safety issues
    • Detailed quotation for the remedial works

    So, no matter which option you choose, ensure you arrange a house electrical check before buying a new home.

    Getting an electrical safety certificate when selling a house

    Don’t forget, obtaining an electrical safety certificate when selling a house is also very important and can increase your chances of selling at the asking price.

    Prices for our Homebuyers Electrical Reports can be found here and it’s easy to book online.

    How can electrics affect the value of a property?

    The electrical condition will have a large bearing on the value of the property and can even put some homebuyers off completely. Therefore, obtaining an electrical report when selling a house is vital.

    If defects are found, then as the vendor you could have these rectified to make the electrical condition satisfactory and help a smooth sale.

    Buy-to-let house electrical test

    If the property is being purchased as a buy-to-let investment, then a Satisfactory (passed) EICR certificate is a legal requirement for a tenancy, your letting agent will require a copy of your EICR before your tenants can move in.

    So, it makes sense to get your ducks in a row with electrical safety and compliance when purchasing a new property if you’re a property investor.

    If there is a great deal of work to do before the property can become habitable, it will deter those who are unable or unwilling to complete it as a project. 

    What will a Home Buyers Electrical Report do?

    • Provide buyers with a true picture of the status of the electrics in the house, so they can make an informed decision
    • Reveal whether the house needs any major electrical remedial works. This should be disclosed in the buying process and factored into the price
    • Highlight the need for a re-wiring job. These can cost new owners thousands, so could it be taken off the asking price.

    What is a Homebuyers Electrical Report?

    You might be asking “why does my property need a Homebuyers Electrical Report?”. Well, home electrical tests, or EICRs, or Home Buyer’s Electrical Reports, go much further than local searches and surveys of the structure and building works.

    Sometimes having an electrical check before buying a house is overlooked, but in recent times the condition of the electrical installation has become a crucial focus element in the purchase of a property. 

    Some building surveys will recommend a full electrical survey, but even if yours doesn’t, we believe it’s critical. From a safety point of view, having an electrical check when buying a house gives peace of mind

    Do I need an electrical safety certificate when selling a house?

    You might be wondering if you need an electrical safety certificate when selling a house. Well, if the property is in a significant state of disrepair, which could include damaged or poorly-maintained electrics, the mortgage lender might not provide a loan to your buyers.

    Also, it is becoming more common for solicitors to require a Satisfactory EICR when conveyancing a property sale. This is because rental properties are now legally required to have a Satisfactory EICR, and the general awareness of electrical safety is increasing.

    Reasons to have an electrical safety certificate when selling a house:

    • An EICR or Home Buyers Electrical Report is just as important as a gas check, and in safety terms far more important than an EPC.
    • A huge proportion of house fires are caused by electrics and as such, there are health and safety risks for the people who might be resident, and a financial risk for the building itself.
    • As a result, insurance might be difficult to secure or might be invalidated.
    • A Home Buyers Electrical Inspection can save lives.
    • Have you made any alterations to the electrics in your home? If so, a test may be needed.
    • Every key area of the house should be reviewed before a sale or purchase

    Do I need an electrical check before buying a house?

    It is of course entirely at the buyer’s discretion whether to require an inspection and report on the electrical installation of the property they are intending to buy.

    Some circumstances such as buying a house at auction or buying a new build house might negate the requirement for a home electrical survey.

    However, in most cases it is strongly advised to have a specialist company like Hexo Electrical Testing carry out the house electrical check before buying your new home.

    What will happen after a house electrical check?

    Our homebuyers electrical report will highlight any defects with the electrical installation as well as summarising the condition and age of the installation. If defects are found, we will code these by severity and provide an itemised quotation for the rectification of all defects.

    We will also provide formal recommendations for improvements to the electrical installation in accordance with the latest electrical regulations, and a quotation for these recommendations will be sent with the report.

    You are welcome to use our quotation and homebuyers electrical report in your negotiations with the vendor.

    Sellers and buyers

    As a seller, you could have any required electrical work completed before exchanging, or you could pass the report and quotation on to the prospective buyer to provide clarity around the electrics.

    If you are the buyer, you will get a quotation for the cost of any electrical remedial works required and you can use this as part of your price negotiations.

    You may ask the vendor to instruct us to carry out the remedial works before exchanging contracts, or you may ask for a discount against the price of the property to offset against instructing us to do the repairs once you have the keys.

    What will your Home Buyers Electrical Test reveal? 

    Your homebuyers electrical test, which will either be a Domestic Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR), or a Home Buyers Electrical Report depending on which you choose, will reveal the true state of all the fixed electrical systems within the property.

    Everything from the fuse board, wiring, sockets, and lights will be inspected during the homebuyers electrical check. 

    Any defects found will be coded according to severity and highlighted on the report along with a quotation for remedial works to make the property safe and compliant.

    • Are fittings fire-rated where they need to be?
    • Are fittings correctly specified for bathrooms and shower rooms?
    • Is re-wiring needed? 
    • Is a new fuse box or consumer unit required? 
    • Is adequate earthing in place?
    • RCD protection satisfactory?
    • Is there adequate heat and smoke detection in place?
    • Condition of sockets and switches?
    • Condition of the wiring within the wall and floors?

    What does a Homebuyers Electrical Report involve?

    A homebuyer’s electrical report consists of a series of inspections and dead and live electrical tests. Each step forms part of a useful electrical safety check when buying a house.

    Our experienced electrical inspectors will carry out your EICR, and then look in more detail and provide a written statement if you have opted for the Homebuyers electrical report.

    If you are planning extensive works to the house after purchase, the homebuyer’s electrical report will give you a clear indication as to whether the electrics will support your planned works.

    Electrical safety checks in private rented homes

    If you are planning to buy the property to rent out in London or anywhere in England, then you must have a Satisfactory EICR for the property. Our homebuyer’s electrical report encompasses an EICR so you will know if any remedial work is required or not before buying the property.

    How long does a Home Buyers Electrical Report take?

    If you’re asking yourself “how long does a home buyers electrical report take?”, we typically advise that the inspection and test takes between one and four hours.

    The time required for an electrical safety check when buying a house depends on the size and condition of the property, as well as the number of circuits that need to be tested. The report comes out within 5 working days or can be ordered as express for the next working day.

    How much is a Homebuyers Electrical Report?

    So how much will a Homebuyers Electrical Report cost? Well, at Hexo Electrical Testing we believe in being clear about pricing. Our standard EICR prices can be viewed online, as can our full homebuyer’s electrical report prices.

    The cost of an EICR is based on the size of the property and the number of electrical circuits within it, and are the same wherever you are in London and the South East.

    You will receive an EICR that can be sent to your bank or mortgage lender, solicitor, and estate agent. It can also be used in the negotiations process.

    How we can help

    Whichever side of the sale you’re on, Hexo Electrical Testing can assist you with a comprehensive review of the property’s electrical condition and safety.

    With our electrical testing services available in London and across the South East, we can advise you of how in-depth the review needs to be, conduct the inspection, and complete the report.

    After a house electrical test, we can also complete any necessary remedial work to give you complete peace of mind. Get in touch with us about getting an electrical safety check when buying a house and we’ll be happy to help.

    To find out more, get in touch with us by emailing, or calling 0207 315 4151. It’s also easy to make a booking.

    To find out more about hiring us to be your Electrical Testing Provider get in touch with us by emailing, or calling 0207 315 4151. You can also make a booking here.