How Much Does An EICR Certificate Cost?


This guide will cover everything you need to know about obtaining an EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report), including why an EICR is required, the steps involved to obtain one, and what an EICR certificate costs in London.

You will also find answers to other questions about electrical inspection costs such as “how much is a landlord electrical certificate” and “how much should an electrical inspection cost for a 3 bedroom house?”

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    How Much Does An EICR Certificate Cost

    What is an EICR?

    An EICR report is a formal certificate that provides details of the safety and overall condition of the fixed electrical fittings and installation within a property.

    The report must be completed by an experienced, qualified, and approved electrical inspector, and you’ll receive an estimate of the electrical condition report cost before the inspection is carried out.

    You can also find out more with our guide on electrical installation condition reports.

    What will happen during an electrical inspection?

    A registered EICR inspector will visit your property and complete an in-depth inspection of your electrical installations.

    The inspector will carry out various inspections including checking the fuse board, testing socket outlets and switches, and looking for damage to accessories.

    The inspector will then complete an electronic EICR certificate that shows whether the electrical installation is satisfactory or not, as well as highlighting any defects and recommendations.

    Why is an EICR needed?

    Landlords in London and the UK are legally required to inspect the safety of electrical installations within their properties and to obtain a Satisfactory landlord EICR every five years.

    These rules came into force on 1 June 2020 and mean that an electrical condition report cost is important to pay. 

    The cost of EICR reports is also worth the peace of mind that comes with knowing your electrical installations are completely safe, because getting an EICR can be a lifesaver.

    What happens if EICR regulations are not followed?

    Failing to comply with the electrical safety regulations could invalidate your property insurance and also result in a financial penalty of up to £30,000. 

    The EICR price is therefore affordable and necessary.

    Government advice on EICRs

    Government statistics show that faulty electrical wiring is one of the leading causes of house fires in the UK. 

    Unsatisfactory electrical installations can cause serious injuries and death, which is why a Satisfactory EICR is crucial.

    You can visit GOV.UK for more guidance on the electrical regulations in the private rented sector and why the EICR cost is worth paying.

    How much does an EICR cost?

    The electrical installation condition report cost depends on several factors such as the size of your property and the quantity of electrical circuits in the property. Larger properties with more circuits take longer to test and so the EICR price is more expensive.

    You can find out more about EICR certificate London prices or check the electrical installation condition report cost for your property by visiting our EICR prices page, where you can also easily make an online booking.

    How much does an EICR cost in London?

    We provide electrical testing services for London and the South East, and you can view a breakdown of our EICR costs, with a full EICR price list, on our EICR price page.

    The EICR certificate cost in London will also vary if you have a larger residential premises or multiple properties that need to be tested. In this case, please contact us for a bespoke quotation and EICR certificate cost.

    To find out more about hiring us to be your Electrical Testing Provider get in touch with us by emailing, or calling 0207 315 4151. You can also make a booking here.

    Safety EICR Certificate Cost Factors

    The size of your property will determine the cost of your EICR, as does when you book the appointment for.

    Please see the table to the right for a breakdown of all the EICR costs. All prices are excluding VAT.

    Feel free to contact us if you have any other questions about the cost of an EICR.

    How much does a landlord electrical safety certificate cost?

    All landlords in London and England must obtain a Satisfactory EICR at least once every five years to comply with the electrical regulations, so all EICR certificate costs should be taken into consideration before buying properties to let. 

    Homeowners can also benefit from obtaining an EICR, as it will help to keep them safe and assist a smooth property sale.

    Type Weekday 8am-5pm Weekday Evening 5pm-10pm Weekend 8am-6pm
    Studio £110 £140 £140
    One bedroom property £120 £150 £150
    Two bedroom property £130 £160 £160
    Three bedroom property £140 £170 £170
    Four bedroom property £160 £190 £190
    Five bedroom property £180 £210 £210
    Six bedroom property £210 £240 £240

    *All prices are excluding VAT. These EICR report costs are for up to ten circuits in one property. Additional circuits, over ten, will be charged at £10.00 each plus VAT.

    How long does an electrical safety check take?

    We would usually advise that a full EICR can take between 1-4 hours to complete. This will depend on the size of your property and how many circuits need to be checked.

    How often should a check be conducted?

    Usually, an EICR will be carried out at least once every five years. If the electrical installations are in poor condition, however, then testing might be needed more frequently.

    After your EICR, a label will be placed on your mains board with a date of your next check. As we hold records of all our clients’ installations, we will also send you a reminder before the next EICR is due. 

    Key takeaways for electrical safety check costs

    • To ensure that you remain compliant with regulations, and for your own safety, a professional electrical testing company should be hired to complete an electrical safety check.
    • Electrical safety checks will spot any issues before they potentially cause damage to your property or injure someone.
    • For landlords, it is compulsory to have an up to date electrical safety certificate. 
    • The Electrical Installation Condition Report cost will be worth it for homeowners who will benefit from having peace of mind about the safety of their home. Having an EICR will also help them to sell their property more easily.
    • Your electrical survey cost will be determined by the size of your property, how many circuits require testing, and what time you book it for.


    As a landlord, am I expected to get the property electrics tested every time there's a new tenant?

    Since 1st June 2020, new regulations made it mandatory for landlords within the private rented sector to have their electrical installations tested every five years. If a change of tenancy occurs within those five years, then a visual inspection is required.

    This means that landlords should take into account the cost of EICR certification for all of their rental properties.

    Can I conduct the safety check myself?

    While you might want to avoid the cost of electrical safety checks by conducting them yourself, a qualified and approved electrical inspector must carry out an EICR for you.

    This is to ensure that the tests are performed safely and in line with regulatory requirements.

    What happens if I do not have an electrical safety certificate and have a fire, will this affect my insurance?

    If the cause of the fire is found to be related to your electrical installations, then this can affect your insurance. Some insurance companies may not offer any payout if an electrical safety certificate has not been issued as this invalidates the policy.

    What are the advantages of getting an electrical safety certificate?

    As a landlord, having an electrical safety certificate ensures that you are compliant with all regulations, and you could pay a fine of £30,000 or more if one of your rental properties is found without one.

    As a homeowner, you’ll be able to sell your home more quickly if you have an EICR. Some estate agents will not even put a property on the market unless all electrical installations have been properly checked by a professional.

    This means the EICR certificate cost may be worth taking into account when selling your property.

    How much will it cost to fix any issues?

    If any issues are found during the EICR, you may need to book electrical remedial works to resolve them, especially if they are potentially harmful or if they could cause further damage. 

    Our prices are bespoke as it will depend on the requirements of your electrical installations, so get a quote today for a clear rundown of costs.

    How to find and hire an electrician for a safety certificate

    It’s important to hire an electrician with all the necessary qualifications and experience so that you know your EICR will be well worth the cost. 

    By using Hexo Electrical Testing, all of our inspectors and engineers are NAPIT approved, so finding and hiring is straightforward and you will not be charged differently to what you expected.

    How can I lower my EICR certificate costs?

    Being flexible with when you book a domestic EICR appointment can get you a reduced cost, as we charge less during the day on Monday-Friday compared to evenings and weekends.

    If requesting a quote for a commercial EICR, it’s also important that you give as much information as possible as this will help us to provide you with an accurate quote. You can also upload images of your electrical installations to aid us even more.

    How much does an EICR cost for a failed report?

    The EICR itself will not cost more or less than the quoted amount if the result is unsatisfactory, so you will not automatically be charged differently to what you expected.

    However, with Hexo Electrical Testing we will send you an itemised quotation for each defect so that you can then book remedial works. We can then work to quickly and efficiently resolve any issues.

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