LED Light Testing

An EICR is a full safety inspection of your property’s fixed electrical installation. We will send you a certificate on which the outcome is either Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory. If there are any defects or recommendations then these will be highlighted on the certificate.
We also provide a no-obligation quote for remedial work to correct any issues, once completed you will be re-issued with a Satisfactory certificate. We can complete your EICR check at a time to suit you and your schedule, including weekend appointments.

LED Light Testing

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    We usually respond within an hour

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    Léa Aurore Sednaoui
    Léa Aurore Sednaoui
    It's always perplexing to find services online and pick the right one, regardless of reviews. I can vouch for Hexo, who was professional and timely from the day of my first enquiry, very patient and helpful working around my difficult schedule. They had a long and difficult task to do with a 3 phase board, managed to have all the spare parts with them, and their team executed in a timely way, with patience and kindness. I definitely recommend them!
    Tim Clifford
    Tim Clifford
    Very efficient and responsive team. Pleased to have chosen Hexo to do our testing and remedial electrical work in our flat.
    Dermott Davison
    Dermott Davison
    Great professional, efficient service. The engineer was very knowledgeable and explained what he was doing and why. The administration too was first rate. Very happy to recommend HEXO and use them again.
    Matthew Newlands
    Matthew Newlands
    Very fast response to my request for an EICR, and very good quality workmanship in carrying out necessary remedial works.
    Nicholas Lovatt
    Nicholas Lovatt
    Thank you for a great service. We had a list of jobs All the jobs listed completed speedily and to spec. Will be going back to get the lights fitted with them Highly recommended. Without hesitation Friendly professional service, wasn't over bearing or adding on bits
    BURAK Apaydin
    BURAK Apaydin
    Hexo was very good and efficient . I needed EICR for one of my properties. Hexo was able to rectify all required works and complete in timely manor at competitive rate . Work completed to high standard and satisfactory certificate provided upon completion of works. I can highly recommend them for all electrical works. Max was particularly helpful and communicative.
    adrian wells
    adrian wells
    I hired Hexo to complete a simple EICR job and quickly through their incredibly thorough engineer found I had some serious electrical floors around my property. The engineer was superb, explained all the work clearly and was very efficient. I also found the booking process / administration highly efficient and informative when I had questions. A very impressive experience and job well done

    LED Light Testing

    At Hexo Electrical Testing, we understand the critical importance of comprehensive LED lighting testing for residential and commercial buildings. Evaluating emergency and general lighting systems through professional audits enables property owners and managers to verify safety, compliance, and performance.

    With our electrical engineering expertise, we provide building clients with the detailed reports and certifications needed to confidently maintain lighting systems that adhere to UK standards. Our rigorous evaluations identify issues early and give assurance that properties are properly illuminated for comfort, safety, and regulatory alignment.

    Partner with Hexo Electrical Testing, a leader in building lighting testing, to receive the insights you need to optimise, troubleshoot, and certify your LED systems. Contact us today to learn more about our flexible, customised auditing services engineered to provide you with confidence and peace of mind.

    What Is LED Light Testing?

    As an expert provider of LED testing services, we at Hexo Electrical Testing focus on evaluating all the key light characteristics and performance metrics that impact the quality, safety, and regulatory compliance of LED bulbs and lighting products.

    Our LED light testing solutions are designed to accurately measure optical characteristics like luminous flux (the total light output), luminance (the intensity of light radiating from the source), chromaticity (the colour properties), and colour rendering (how accurately colours are reproduced). We also test the electrical characteristics that determine reliability and energy efficiency, including voltage, power consumption, and temperature metrics.

    And we thoroughly evaluate the mechanical, physical, and environmental resilience of LED products through rigorous testing procedures. This includes vibration, corrosion, and water/dust ingress assessments tailored to your product specifications.

    Overall, our comprehensive LED testing methodology provides you with verified data on all the crucial parameters for your lighting products, giving you confidence in their market readiness.

    Why Is LED Light Testing Important?

    Flawed or subpar LED lighting poses real risks. For example, in settings like hospitals and transportation hubs, defective LEDs can create hazardous conditions by not providing adequate lighting. Similarly, LED products with poor efficiency waste energy and undermine the environmental benefits that make them attractive.

    With Hexo Electrical Testing, you can make sure that your LEDs meet the highest standards. We enable clients to ensure lighting that is safe and sustainable. Our data provides proof of quality and performance.

    In industrial and commercial spaces especially, compliant LEDs prevent dangerous malfunctions and downtime. We validate that your lighting can withstand electrical surges, temperature swings, physical shocks and more. For manufacturers, our evaluations provide assurance that shipped products live up to quality claims

    Simply put, independent LED testing reduces risks and provides confidence at every stage – protecting users, brands, and bottom lines. We’re here to help companies make excellent lighting even better.

    The LED Testing Procedure at Hexo Electrical Testing

    How to Arrange for Your LED Lighting Testing With Hexo Electrical Testing

    At Hexo Electrical Testing, we make it simple to get your LED light bulbs tested by experts. You can book your LED light testing online, selecting from our range of testing solutions and international industry standards. Or if you need guidance identifying the ideal testing protocols, our lighting specialists are available for complimentary consultations. We’ll evaluate your specific project needs and tailor the LED testing methodology accordingly.

    Our LED Light Testing Process

    Testing your LED lighting with us is straightforward and worry-free:

    First, we set up a time to visit and look over your property. We’ll talk about any lighting issues you’ve noticed and decide which systems need inspection.

    Our licensed electricians then thoroughly test your emergency exits and general lighting against UK standards. We check everything from wiring to light levels to make sure it’s compliant and performing properly.

    We keep you updated throughout the process by phone, email or in person. After testing is complete, you receive a detailed report of our findings and recommended fixes for any problems.

    If issues are discovered, we can assist with repairs and upgrades to get your lighting up to code. We won’t consider the job done until everything is working as it should.

    With Hexo Electrical Testing, you receive start-to-finish guidance and support with your LED lighting testing. We provide the highest quality auditing and give you confidence your residential or commercial systems meet UK standards. Let us know if you’d like us to take a look!

    LED Testing Standards and Regulations

    UK Standards for LED Light Testing

    At Hexo Electrical Testing, we are fully familiar with the latest UK standards for LED lighting testing. This expertise allows us to evaluate installations for compliance and provide documentation demonstrating adherence to codes.

    We also thoroughly test emergency lighting systems to verify they provide adequate illumination along exit routes during power failures, as legally required. Our audits also cover integration with fire systems to ensure proper emergency operation.

    For general lighting, we review conformance to energy efficiency guidelines and lighting quality standards tailored to the environment, be it offices, schools, hospitals, factories, and more. Proper lux levels, fixtures, zoning, and uniformity are all areas we assess

    Reporting covers pass/fail status for each standard. We also estimate timeframes and costs for any remediation necessary to achieve full compliance. Our testing brings clients peace of mind that their LED lighting meets UK requirements.

    Benefits of LED Light Testing With Hexo Electrical Testing

    Successfully completing LED lighting testing with Hexo Electrical Testing provides you with important documentation to prove the compliance of your lighting systems. This includes:

    By partnering with our qualified team rather than attempting DIY testing, you benefit from our expertise and recognised status as licensed, insured professionals. We provide compliance documentation that satisfies mandatory checks and audits. Our certifications give you and your stakeholders confidence in your lighting systems.

    Custom LED Testing Solutions for All Clients

    Tailored Services for Diverse Needs

    At Hexo Electrical Testing, we provide LED testing tailored to a wide range of clients. Our services are suitable for:

    No matter if you manage a large commercial property or simply want LED testing done in your home, our solutions are customised to your needs. We have experience across residential, retail, healthcare, hospitality, education, and other sectors.

    Transparent Pricing and Value

    We believe LED testing should be affordable and easy to understand, with no hidden costs starting at £XXXXXX [can we get a specific amount?]. After discussing your specific property and performance requirements, we provide a customised quote outlining the tests to be performed, the timeline, and the final deliverables. This allows you to verify you are receiving maximum value for your investment.

    Our experienced technicians are available to personally walk you through the quote and answer any questions you may have about the proposed testing plan. We also welcome you to be present during testing so you can see firsthand the quality and care we devote to assessing your LED lighting.

    Our fair, fixed pricing ensures costs remain consistent with the quoted amount and that there are no surprise charges down the road. We stand behind our work and aim to provide a transparent, satisfactory experience that gives you clarity and confidence in your lighting.

    Book Your LED Light Testing With Hexo Electrical Testing

    As lighting inspectors, we’re here to help make sure your LED systems are up to UK standards. What can you expect working with Hexo Electrical Testing?

    Detailed lighting checks covering emergency exits, wiring, fixtures, and more

    Straightforward reports summarising our findings

    Certification paperwork to prove compliance

    Fast, flexible scheduling to accommodate you

    Assistance with any fixes needed to be compliant

    We strive to provide a smooth, worry-free experience. Our licensed pros thoroughly audit your lighting and identify any issues early. We work hard to earn your trust.

    Ready for peace of mind? Call 0207 315 4151 or book online to get your LED inspection scheduled. We look forward to helping ensure your lighting is safe, legal, and performing properly.

    Book Your LED Light Testing

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Yes, LED lighting can and should be thoroughly tested to ensure quality and compliance. At Hexo Electrical Testing, we test key attributes like light output, energy use, wiring, and durability. Our audits identify any performance issues before they become problems.

    We evaluate several factors to assess LED quality. Good LED lighting has sufficient light output for the intended space, energy-efficient power consumption, durable and safe construction, and a long operational lifespan. Our testing measures all these metrics.

    Warning signs of poor LED lighting include flickering, buzzing, shortened lifespan, colour issues, and lighting levels much lower than advertised. We inspect for any issues indicative of inferior LED systems. Testing quickly reveals if a product is underperforming.

    Book Your LED Light Testing

    To find out more about hiring us to be your Electrical Testing Provider get in touch with us by emailing info@hexoelectricaltesting.co.uk, or calling 0207 315 4151. You can also make a booking here.